u All Areas of Residential Design

Sidock's highly experienced and qualified Team consists of Professionals that have decades of experience in various types of residential projects.  Over the decades, we have completed projects in many areas of the residential sector including single family homes, detached condos, townhouses, row houses, apartment buildings, senior villages, senior high rises, and motels.  In addition to full A/E services for the design and construction phases, we also offer a full range of pre-project services as well as property management services for Landlord and single family Owner alike.


  • Site Selection Assistance

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Master Planning

  • Schematic Site Layout

  • Programming

  • Schematic Design Drawings

  • Presentation Renderings

  • 3D Computer Models

  • Maintenance Engineering

  • Inspection Programs

  • Renovations and Additions

  • Full Architectural and Engineering Services


  • Port City Development

  • Best Western

  • Sunnyside Construction

  • Randers Construction

  • Crystal Venture Associates

  • First Venture Associates

  • Grand View Condo Association

  • Liberty Woods Housing Association

  • Numerous Private Clients


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Last Updated:  25-Jul-07